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Nueva Tú Services

I believe optimum health is about more than nutrition and fitness, but all aspects of an individual's health and lifestyle habits.  So here at Nueva Tú, I offer a variety of services to guide, education, and support my clients in reaching their health and fitness goals.


 Specialized Personal Training 

Offering free phone consultations!

Whether you're looking for rehabilitation after surgery, manage symptoms that come with chronic disease, reduce risk of early development or recurrence of long-term conditions, or create fitness habits that promote better health, I can help. 

Training programs are tailored to meet your health status and  fitness goals. Together we will create a stronger YOU!


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Advanced Health Fitness Assessment

Establishes fitness baselines

During this appointment, a series of assessments will be done to determine your overall fitness level. These results can be an effective planning tool in developing a workout regime and/or tracking progress of an existing one.

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  Health Coaching 

Offering free phone consultations!

A client centered, non judgmental, supportive environment focusing on changing behavior, increasing activity, and developing healthy eating practices and lifestyle behaviors.  


At Nueva Tú we aim to bridge the gap between a client's current lifestyle health habits to the health habits the individual hopes to change or establish. 

Healthy Food

Nutrition Coaching 

Offering free phone consultations!

​Whether you're on a weight loss journey, trying to improve your fitness level, or start an exercise regime, what goes into your body will have an impact on your success.

Nutritional coaching provides you with dietary education, guidance, and helps to facilitate change to current dietary habits. 

Nueva Tu Services

Nueva Tú Services

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