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Nutrition Coaching Pricing

Coaching packages include a thirty-minute weekly virtual session, a nutrition profile consisting of your daily energy target, macronutrient breakdown, a food exchange list, and education on how the information can be used and applied to reach your goals. Packages also include support for your questions between our sessions, a weekly food & beverage journal evaluation, weekly meal plan ideas (including recipes to suit your lifestyle and schedule). We will also problem solve common barriers to diet adherence and address any other areas you need support in as we go along. 


Individual sessions include one thirty-minute virtual meeting with dietary assessment and personalized nutritional guidance. Subsequent individual sessions will involve a seven-day food journal evaluation and problem solving areas you need the most support. 


Package pricing 

  • 1 session                             $52/session 

  • 6 session package            $50/session*

  • 8 session package            $48/session*

  • 10 session package.          $46/session*

*To receive the savings that come with packages payments must be paid in full before scheduling

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